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Белый воротничок

White Collar

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Белый воротничок 6 сезон

Осень 2014 - Зима 2014

Всего 6 серий

Время просмотра 6 часов

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07.11.14, 4:00
8 лет назад

The sixth season premiere finds Neal trying to secure his freedom once and for all by making a deal with the FBI brass. To do so, however, he must gain access to the leader of an international crime syndicate. Elsewhere, El gets startling news about her future with Peter.

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14.11.14, 4:00
8 лет назад

The FBI agrees to grant Neal his freedom if he can bring down the Pink Panthers once and for all.

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21.11.14, 4:00
8 лет назад

Neal is conflicted over scamming an innocent mark while running a con for the Pink Panthers. Elsewhere, Peter works with a reckless Interpol agent who may put their entire operation in jeopardy.

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05.12.14, 4:00
8 лет назад

Peter and Neal investigate someone from Mozzie's past who is running another con at Mozzie's expense.

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12.12.14, 4:00
7 лет назад

The Pink Panthers ask for a huge favor from Neal on very short notice; Peter's family life takes a hit following the murder of a colleague.

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19.12.14, 4:00
7 лет назад

Peter joins a dangerous con against the Pink Panthers to help Neal carry out a risky heist; Neal formulates a new plan that will benefit himself as well as the Pink Panthers.

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