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The WB , 1999 - 2004

боевик , драма , триллер , фентези

60 мин

Сериал о вампире Ангелусе, ставшем Ангелом после возвращения ему души цыганами, который создал с единомышленниками агентство «Ангел» для оказания помощи (нетрадиционными методами) попавшим в беду…

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19.05.04, 19:00
12 лет,5 месяцев назад

In the series finale, Angel reveals that his questionable moral behavior has been part of a bigger plan: to destroy The Circle of the Black Thorn and show the Senior Partners that the power of good can still make a difference. Wesley struggles with helping Illyria adapt to the world, scolding her for her attempts to take on Fred's form. As Gunn continues his quest of self-discovery, Lorne becomes more aware of the lack of happiness in the world. Harmony attempts to seduce Marcus Hamilton for information, Lindsey makes an important decision regarding his alliance, and Eve continues to deal with being mortal. As Spike comes closer to understanding the nature of heroism, Angel pays a visit to the one person he truly loves. On Angel's bidding, the gang goes out and spends each day as if it were their last...

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