Американский папаша - 11 сезон

Американский папаша

American Dad!


TBS , 2005 - ...

комедия , мультфильм

7 чел
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Американский папаша 11 сезон

2014 - 2015

15 серий

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21.10.14, 4:00
5 лет назад

When her efforts to save the planet prove hopeless, Hayley decides that she might get more attention if she becomes a blonde. Meanwhile, Stan and Steve go on a mission to find a new home for the Smiths.

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28.10.14, 4:00
5 лет назад

When Bullock sends a drone to do the job Stan and his colleagues are supposed to do, Stan is determined to prove that humans are better than robots. Meanwhile, Francine and the rest of the family participate in a slow motion race against each other in the living room.

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04.11.14, 4:00
5 лет назад

Steve and Snot are fed up with being bullied. When they enroll in a karate class, Snot is brainwashed by the sensei and its Steve's mission to get him back. Meanwhile, Klaus develops a horrible odor and is forced into being an outside pet.

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11.11.14, 4:00
5 лет назад

When the CIA is forced to make cut backs and go on furlough, Stan volunteers to take a position as a College Campus Security Guard. Meanwhile, Roger opens a bed and breakfast in order to boost the families' income.

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18.11.14, 4:00
5 лет назад

When Francine's sister Gwen comes to town, Hayley suspects she is up to no good. Meanwhile, Stan teaches Steve the art of hugging Aunt Gwen and Klaus shadows Roger's dramatic comments.

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5 лет назад

When Stan wishes he could have Principal Lewis' carefree, single life, a la It's a Wonderful Life, his wish comes true! Meanwhile, in his wish world, Principal Lewis has Stan's family.

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24.02.15, 4:00
5 лет назад

The roller derby team will only let Hayley play if her "sister" Steve can play too; a magical carpenter visits Stan and Francine.

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03.03.15, 4:00
5 лет назад

When Steve says "F-U" to Francine, she refuses to cook for him and he becomes a successful chef, appearing on a popular morning show. Meanwhile, Stan thinks he can make people invisible by snapping his fingers.

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10.03.15, 4:00
5 лет назад

Hayley starts a new job and may be starting a new romance as she becomes attracted to a coworker. Meanwhile, Stan drives Francine and Steve to the Mother-Son dance.

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17.03.15, 4:30
5 лет назад

While on vacation in Los Angeles, California, Stan joins the world of old Hollywood., as an old Hollywood actress becomes convinced that Stan is the reincarnation of her dead husband, a former Hollywood actor named Leonard Prince. Meanwhile, Roger kennel trains Steve and Hayley.

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5 лет назад

Francine is up for an award for her lonely housewife novel, so the family heads to the big apple for the ceremony. Meanwhile, Stan and Hayley hang out with actor Robert Wuhl and Steve and Roger recreate their Wheels and the Legman persona.

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31.03.15, 4:00
5 лет назад

Stan is horrified when he sees a couple die in a car crash and goes to see a shrink. Meanwhile, Roger and Klaus study for a wine tasting.

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19.05.15, 4:00
5 лет назад

Jeff has escaped from space, or has he?

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26.05.15, 4:00
5 лет назад

Is sold to a Chinese businessman. Meanwhile, Stan has Francine committed to an insane asylum when he forgets their anniversary.

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02.06.15, 4:00
5 лет назад

When Stan lies about his texting and driving accident, he takes a seizure medication and suffers from the side effects. Meanwhile, Roger helps Steve with his performance anxiety.

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