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09.01.19, 5:30
1 год назад

Adam dishes out the facts on the avocado trade being ruled by drug cartels, and Big Pork making bacon a pop culture hit while covering up its huge health risks. Plus, America's food problems stem from corn.

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16.01.19, 5:30
1 год назад

Adam tackles classic television stereotypes, from the racism behind public pools, to the model minority myth of Asian Americans, to the on-screen toxic masculinity that's masking the problems young men face today.

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23.01.19, 5:30
1 год назад

Adam hits pause on the myth that connects video games to real-life violence, and reveals that Monopoly was a rip-off of an anti-capitalist teaching game. Plus, Olympic organizers get rich while athletes struggle to get by.

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30.01.19, 5:30
1 год назад

Adam digs up the dirt on nature, revealing that Mount Everest is a frozen pile of poop, natural disasters are actually man-made, and there is no such thing as untouched wilderness.

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14.08.19, 5:00
10 месяцев назад
21.08.19, 5:00
10 месяцев назад

Adam and Emily prepare for a big night out by revealing the marketing ploy that led to women shaving and the fashion agendas that created pockets. Then, the two friends pour back the truth on alcohol consumption.

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28.08.19, 5:00
10 месяцев назад

Adam takes down the do-gooders and reveals how Teach For America is harmful to both students and teachers. He then uncovers the ineffectiveness of recycling and calls out the billionaires who create charities for tax breaks.

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04.09.19, 5:00
10 месяцев назад
11.09.19, 5:00
9 месяцев назад
18.09.19, 5:00
9 месяцев назад
25.09.19, 5:00
9 месяцев назад

Adam polices the truth behind the overuse of SWAT Teams, illustrates how using school officers can create a pipeline for prisons, and examines the origins and intended purpose of police officers.

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02.10.19, 5:00
9 месяцев назад

Adam battles with his own inner self-doubt over how his biases affect the show and the influence (or lack thereof) of advertising on the series' integrity.

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2 года назад

Reanimated History: The Pilgrims didn't break bread with Native Americans, but did dig up their graves! There was no romance between Pocahontas and John Smith, and cities in the New World rivaled London in scale before their "discovery."

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2 года назад

Reanimated History: Adam Conover reveals that the US kicked off the Cuban Missile Crisis, and that you've probably never heard of the lone female politician who stood up to McCarthy! Plus, a bureaucratic mistake brought down the Berlin Wall.

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28.11.18, 5:00
1 год назад

Adam Conover is back to take aim at critics on both sides of the gun debate in America. He explains why an assault weapons ban would not be effective and demonstrates how the Second Amendment has been twisted to fit the NRA's agenda.

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05.12.18, 5:30
1 год назад

Adam has a rude awakening for everything you thought you knew about sleep (or lack of it), from the mattress industry to supposedly lazy teens to sleep aids.

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12.12.18, 5:00
1 год назад

Adam logs in to dulge into monopolistic tech companies by stating that Amazon's monopoly over online shopping harms consumers; that copyright law is abused to prevent unauthorized repairs; and that tech companies not only routinely evade taxes, but also downright eradicate competition.

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